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Some of the landmines in use in Cambodia today came from stockpiles left over from the war in Vietnam that ended in 1975. Neither the Australians nor the Americans lost the Vietnam War. The North Vietnamese won the peace through the Paris Peace Accords process. At the time that the Americans and Australians left South Vietnam, the enemy (Viet Cong) had very little funds and personnel left to carry on the fight. TET in 1968 was a defeat that the North Vietnamese were never able to recover from. They continued to fight us but tunnel warfare, ambush, booby traps and  hit and run tactics became more the norm. The war became very dirty.

The craft of an Combat Engineer/Tunnel Rat war was a hard won lesson of the time. The mines, booby traps, EOD items are similar to those still active in Cambodia; have the same ignition principals that we learned in the late 60's and it is what Bomber and I still practice today in Cambodia in the VVMCT demining entity. Some things never change. The training we have passed on to the deminers of the CSHD has been updated and  has saved lives in the same manner as the lessons we learnt in the Mines Room of 1 Field Squadron decades ago in Vietnam. These photos are all that remain of a great training aid but the lessons learnt then are still saving lives today. Go to the EOD Training page of the (EOD Training) to see the modules we pass on regarding the processes we ensure our deminers learn. The principals are the same, the training is updated. More of the same but a little different.

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