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Booby Traps, Mortars, Artillery or Rocket Propelled Devices are not included below.


TM-46 Russia - Anti Tank Type 72 China AP Blast PMR-2A Yugoslavia - Fragment Type 72 China -AP Blast POMZ-2M Russia - Fragment
PMN-2 Russia - AP Blast MN-79 Vietnam - AP Blast M14 USA -AP Blast PMN Russia -AP Blast Type 58 China - AP Blast

PPM-2 East Germany - AP Blast BLU-97 USA - Sub Munition M42 USA  - Sub Munition M16A1 USA - Fragment



This is an incomplete list of landmines as many types were not used in large numbers and undetected. Some items in the field
could not be identified due to damage, disfigurement through fire, time and the elements. In my time in Cambodia, I have only heard
of a few incidents where an M16A1 US landmine was located and reported. This also applies to a number of other types described above.


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